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Email Marketing Software 5.2.3

System Check

Option Setting Requirement
Sessions Do not work
Your server does not appear to be handling sessions properly.

Database Information

The MYSQL information requested may typically be requested from your web host or system administrator.

Database Host **
Database Name
Database Username
Database Password

* If checked the installer will attempt to create the database for you. Should not be checked if the database already exists.
** This can usually be set to "localhost" by default.

Centralized Authentication

Email Marketing Software uses ActiveCampaign's Centralized Authentication to allow it to share login information with other ActiveCampaign products. This allows Email Marketing Software to use existing user accounts from other ActiveCampaign products that support Centralized Authentication. This step is completely optional, and Email Marketing Software can also be configured to run completely standalone.

If you have another product that has been installed with Centralized Authentication turned on, please specify it's database information below. Otherwise, choose the "local" option. Keep in mind that if you choose the "local" option and install other ActiveCampaign Software in the future that has support for Centralized Authentication, you can use this Email Marketing Software database as the Centralized Authentication database for those products.

Centralized Authentication Database Information
Database Host
Database Name
Database Username
Database Password

You should also choose this option if you are setting up a new installation of Email Marketing Software and have no other ActiveCampaign Centralized Authentication Products, or you want this installation of Email Marketing Software to be standalone.

Software Settings

Specify the main URL of your Email Marketing Software software
Do not include a trailing slash. Example = "http://www.mysite.com/somepath"

Site Name

From Email Address

Default Time Zone

Your First Name

Your Last Name

Your E-mail Address

Enter your current admin password in order to continue the installation.

Your Admin Username

Your Admin Password

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